Ararat Council Crisis

Residents of the Ararat community are furious over Mayor Glenda McLean’s position on council after she went walkabout, starting a full-time job interstate. A motion of no confidence towards Mayor Glenda McLean was carried at Tuesday’s meeting along with a majority vote for her to resign. McLean has been making headlines throughout the last week after she mysteriously vanished from the Ararat area. She was later … Continue reading Ararat Council Crisis

One Political Mess

Politicians have become very unpolitical in our current era; they seem more concerned about their personal lives than national issues. We have spent the last month listening to more and more allegations emerge against a number of our politicians. I thought we had heard everything about the leaders of our country until we were delivered with details of their sexual relationships. At this point, in … Continue reading One Political Mess

Is Malcolm Turnbull right about Victoria’s youth crime issue?

Is Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull right about Victoria’s youth crime issue? Last week Victoria Police Superintendent Therese Fitzgerald, denied that Victoria had an African gang crime problem but today a press conference was held with a totally different understanding. The Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton actually said the opposite, “These young thugs, young criminals… are acting like street gangs.” With the police lacking consistency with … Continue reading Is Malcolm Turnbull right about Victoria’s youth crime issue?

Intelligence Agencies Foil Attack

Terrorism is a big part of society these days, it is always in the back of my mind wherever I go. We have seen the results of terrorism in Manchester, London, Paris, Nice and so many other locations around the world. Luckily in Australia we haven’t suffered a large terror attack. We have of course had the hostage situation in Brighton earlier this year and … Continue reading Intelligence Agencies Foil Attack