Reach for the Stars

Last week I performed in Victoria’s State School Spectacular (VSSS) which is the biggest annual production in Australia. I was involved in mass dance which also includes around 1,300 other students from around the state. Within the whole production, there are thousands of students involved both onstage and behind the scenes. During my time at Hisense Arena, waiting to go on stage, I did a … Continue reading Reach for the Stars

Intelligence Agencies Foil Attack

Terrorism is a big part of society these days, it is always in the back of my mind wherever I go. We have seen the results of terrorism in Manchester, London, Paris, Nice and so many other locations around the world. Luckily in Australia we haven’t suffered a large terror attack. We have of course had the hostage situation in Brighton earlier this year and … Continue reading Intelligence Agencies Foil Attack

Americans are Trigger Happy

It has been a week of confusion and sadness for an Australian family whose daughter was tragically shot dead by a Minneapolis police officer on Saturday 15th of July at around 11:40pm local time. Justine Ruszczyk is the victim of the shooting, which is said to be an accident, that has shocked the US and Australia. Americans seem to be too trigger happy, even the … Continue reading Americans are Trigger Happy


School can be very difficult sometimes and not always in an academic way. A lot goes on at school apart from learning, something that can be considered more important… growing. We all grow during our years as children and teenagers, our bodies change and so does our brain. Our brains have to mature and during our high school years, we can be very vulnerable to … Continue reading RUOK?