Ararat College students experience the trip of a lifetime

Ararat College sent a group of 8 students on the trip of a lifetime late last year. The students who were in Year 11 and 12, visited Nepal for 3 weeks, building a new school facility, exploring the capital and trekking through the Annapurna region. The trip organised by Antipodeans, an Australian and New Zealand based company was a first for Ararat College. An information … Continue reading Ararat College students experience the trip of a lifetime

Time for Change

The Golden Globes this year sent a message like no other, when celebrities of all ages hit the red carpet, making a stance against the continued abuse, discrimination and harassment against women in the workplace. Black dresses and accessories were worn to represent standing up to the way women, not only in film and television but in all occupations around the world are treated. As … Continue reading Time for Change

Dolly’s Life Wasn’t a Toy

On Friday a family said goodbye to their daughter at the age of just 14, something that no family should have to go through. Amy “Dolly” Everett is the girl who has been making headlines around Australia throughout the last week. She was the face of the hat company Akubra eight years ago, when she was involved in an advertising campaign. This week her face … Continue reading Dolly’s Life Wasn’t a Toy