Hi, I’mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jack Ward, 14 and live in regional Victoria, Australia. I am a writer for Youth Journalism International which is a website for people aged 12-25 who write news stories, opinion pieces, reviews and more. I have decided to venture into blogging. Here on my website, you can expect news stories, opinion pieces, reviews and articles that can help others.

“Jack Ward is the toughest journalist in Ararat.” – Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews

I have written articles for Project Rockit and RUOK, as well as currently producing and anchoring my school’s student run news station. Journalism is definitely a major part of my life as I find getting to the bottom of a story is very important.

“Great questions and really asked with so much authority, you’re really good, I’m really impressed.” – Peter Hitchener, 9News

Apart from writing I also perform in local musicals, my latest being PIRATES! I love musical theatre as much as writing and I find that it’s something that makes me very happy.  I am a member of youth groups in my local area and also within Australia, including Project Rockits Young Brains Trust. I am very passionate about world issues and youth issues which definitely comes through in my blog.

“Jack’s a member of our Youth Brains Trust and is so kind, talented and courage’s.” – Project Rockit

So that is what you can expect from me and I am so excited to share this journey with you. Be sure to comment on posts with your opinions and contact me if you have any questions, partnership/post ideas or a story you want me to help share.
Happy Reading!!!


– All photos, writing and opinions are mine unless specified. Some photos may be from other sources such as news organisations. If a photo is not mine it is specified in the caption with credit to the source.
– As I am under 18 years old I have parental supervision in all aspects of my site.