Hi, I’mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jack Ward, 15 and live in regional Victoria, Australia. I am a youth journalist determined to state the facts and share stories. In the past, I have written for organisations such as Youth Journalism International, Tennis Australia and Project Rockit. I have also blogged in the (all my posts are still available to read) but this year I decided to focus on my journalism and opinion writing for other organisations.

“Jack Ward is the toughest journalist in Ararat.” – Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews

I have written articles for Project Rockit and RUOK, as well as currently producing and anchoring my school’s student-run news station. Journalism is definitely a major part of my life as I find that getting to the bottom of a story is very important.

“Great questions and really asked with so much authority, you’re really good, I’m really impressed.” – Peter Hitchener, 9News

Apart from writing I also perform in local musicals, my latest being ‘Curtains’. I love musical theatre as much as writing and I find that it’s something that makes me very happy.  I have been a member of youth groups in my local area and also within Australia, including the Victorian Youth Congress 2018-19. I am very passionate about world issues and youth issues which can be seen in many of my opinion pieces.

“Jack’s a member of our Youth Brains Trust and is so kind, talented and courage’s.” – Project Rockit

So there is a bit of information about me and what I do in my spare time. Of course, I also attend school at Ararat College and spend lots of time with my family and friends. Please feel free to contact me via email at any time, I am always open to story ideas, feedback, opportunities and advice.

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– All photos, writing and opinions are mine unless specified. Some photos may be from other sources such as news organisations. If a photo is not mine it is specified in the caption with credit to the source.

– As I am under 18 years old I have parental supervision in all aspects of my site.