Moving Forward…

Where have I been? Good question! It has been a busy couple of weeks due to my role in the Ararat Musical Comedy Society’s production of ‘Curtains.’ If you read my post after PIRATES! last year, you will understand the time and energy it takes to be in a show. It has been a crazy but remarkable time performing onstage once more but it has meant my content has been lacking. I wanted to share my plan for the future. The last fortnight I have made a positive decision about my blog (this website) that is going to change things slightly.

I have enjoyed writing posts for the last 18 months, I have shared my experiences and the major events in my life. In the past month, writing a post each week has been challenging in the lead up to the show and it has also made me think about the schedule I have been sticking to. Being tied down to writing at least one post per week (a goal I have had in my head) has meant that writing news articles has become very hard. Journalism is why I write, I love telling other people’s stories and sharing the truth about what is happening in our society. Due to this, I have decided to stop blogging and focus on my content for other sites such as Youth Journalism International. This means that I am able to really focus on a story and not worry about writing other articles in the process.

My website will still remain with all my existing content and I will continue to link all my articles I write for other organisations on here, as well as the occasional update. I’m just stepping back from the ‘blogging’ side of things so I can focus on what I enjoy; opinion pieces and news articles. As I go through school I also need time to focus on that, ensuring my future goals are achievable.

Within the next number of weeks, my website will change slightly, my URL ( and website title (JACKTWARD) will still be applicable. The only changes made will be in relation to the layout and content displayed on certain pages. From then on you can look forward to news articles and opinion pieces linked on this site. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I am looking forward to focusing on my new plans!


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