Easter on the Murray

Holiday traditions seem to be a big thing in my family. Every year we seem to head to the same locations as the previous one, and these Easter Holidays weren’t any different. My parents, brother and grandparents headed up to Barham as we have been doing since I was in my mother’s stomach 15 years ago. For me, it was my 14th year staying in the riverside town located on the Murray River.

Barham doesn’t offer much interest for a family like mine. If we were to read about it online or even travel through we would most likely turn a blind eye. Fishing and golf are really the only two draw cards and even they don’t interest me. So why do my 11-year-old brother and I plead to revisit Barham year after year? It’s a hard question to answer because I honestly don’t know what it is, the atmosphere is my closest answer. After spending Easter in this spot for my whole life you establish an attachment to it, it’s the norm for this time of year.


Over the years while staying in Barham we have made two friends, Ava and Mitchell, who we also enjoy spending time with for this short period. We manage to enjoy ourselves with not much more than bicycles, walkie-talkies and the onsite swimming pool. We play games such as tag on our bikes (dodging the bindies to spare our tyres), hide & seek and ‘Zoos,’ it may sound childish and yes I would agree but we have plenty of fun.


Other than spending time with my friends, I read The Dead of the Night by John Marsden after loving the first book (I am reading The Third Day, The Frost at present), I also read The Age daily, spent time with Annie (My Grandma), wrote emails and researched some possible article ideas and ate way too much chocolate. I passed the time with ease and the caravan park didn’t have Wi-Fi so I didn’t use my phone that often, which was a nice break. The Commonwealth Games also commenced during the holiday so I spent some time watching the Games, especially the Aussies starring in the swimming.


The cluBarham Golf Resort is where we stay annually which is on the edge of Barham and I wouldn’t call it a resort. It is a nice place to stay but I wouldn’t go giving it a five-star rating. The ensuite on our site was not cleaned properly on arrival so Mum got out the dustpan and swept up the layer of dirt and dust. A lot of the trees had been cut down during the past 12 months due to building works so it resembled a “dunny in a desert,” as my Grandma said. One big disappointment I found was the state of the pool. We had to get into the shed (which luckily was unlocked) so we could borrow the pool scooper which enabled us to remove the dead bugs, leaves, spiders and even a dead mouse from the water! It’s something that you shouldn’t have to be doing yourself. It wasn’t very enticing.

Moving on from my little rant… Barham in whole is a lovely little community and I would like to especially mention The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper. I was surprised that there is a paper so local for a town of only a couple of thousand but it was a great read and I could tell that it’s very community-based, I loved it!


Well, there’s a little wrap up of my trip to Barham for 2018. I’m already looking forward to heading back next year and seeing what has changed within another year. If you’re looking for a quiet getaway to relax and enjoy some peace, Barham is the place I suggest for you to go. The locals are friendly; the pub meals are enjoyable but the condition of the “Resort” is where my opinion changes. There needs to be more attention turned towards the on-course accommodation, ensuites and facilities otherwise guests will not want to stay.

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