Curtains, Party & Anniversary

My posts and articles have been few and far between since school has gone back and I thought what better to do, than share with you what I’m up to at the moment. I was on a roll with blog posts throughout the school holidays, even posting two posts a week on a couple of occasions. When school went back I realised that some weeks I don’t even have time to post once but that’s okay with me. I want to be posting things that you’ll enjoy reading so if I miss a week please forgive me, there will be a genuine excuse.

Straight up I want to say what a great weekend I have had, starting with a meeting in Melbourne on Friday night for the Victorian Youth Congress. I haven’t really spoken about the Victorian Youth Congress but last year I applied for a position and fortunately received one. Along with another 20 or so members from across the state, we are discussing youth-related topics and how we can suggest policy change to the Victorian Government and practically create a better life for young people. I’m enjoying the opportunity of pushing regional voice and hopefully, in the future, I can share a little bit more information.

PHOTO: Ararat College

I arrived back to Ararat on Saturday and went out for lunch with some fellow team members who are also a part of our school’s student-run news station; AC News. Yesterday marked one year since we launched with only seven members, a year on we have over 15 members that all work together. I did write about the news station just after the launch in March last year and the skills that helped to establish a school club/group. A year on I can’t explain how much I enjoy being a part of the station, talking to people, reporting on the news and bringing it to our audience. Founding AC News was a dream come true (as corny as it sounds) after filming a short news bulletin in Grade 6 (AWPS News), moving on to high school and taking the next step… it was incredible.

PHOTO: Ararat College

Following lunch with my fellow team members, we headed off to report on a story, surprise surprise! Sing Australia was holding a regional gathering with the founder also in attendance. We spent Saturday afternoon filming, reporting, interviewing and even singing along to their mostly older style of songs. A perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

Last night, after we had finished at Sing Australia I went to my grandparents 70th Birthday Party which was a great way to finish off a busy day. I saw all Mum’s side of my family including my younger cousins. Plus, I got to eat some delicious cake. I’m not sure how else I would want to spend my Saturday night than with my family and cake.


Other than my weekend’s activities I wanted to also let you know about some musical news. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while you will no doubt remember my posts last year regarding PIRATES, my local musical comedy society’s production. This year they are performing Curtains, a murder mystery musical. I am playing Bobby who is the star of the show within the show, not too confusing. Rehearsals are zooming by with only around 30 left before the shows in May/June. I’m so happy to be back singing and acting with my second family and working on another smash hit, at least we hope it will be.

Ararat Advertiser
PHOTO: Ararat Advertiser

They are a few of my big projects at the moment and reasons why sometimes I may miss a post. I want to produce content I’m happy with and that I think you will enjoy. School is also very important and something that I put first. Well, there’s a little update from me, I’d love to hear what you’re up to this year!

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