Australia Day in Port Fairy

For me, Australia Day has been spent in the town of Port Fairy for the last number of years and this year was no different. I’m not sure what started the annual trip but it was a great way to finish the school holidays this year. I wanted to share my favourite things about the little town of Port Fairy and its tourist attractions, restaurants, market and most importantly, its ice creamery.

To start with, when I say tourist attractions I don’t mean theme parks or zoos. With under 4,000 people living in Port Fairy, there’s not an endless amount of activities, but there are plenty of things to keep you entertained. The most enjoyable thing for me when visiting the town is riding my bike from the caravan park. We took our fold-up bikes and toured around daily, to the beach sometimes or even a restaurant in the evening. There weren’t too many hills to interfere with my casual rides and when there was, I found a beautiful view of the ocean when reaching the top.


Personally, when I go down the coast in Victoria to Warrnambool or Port Fairy it is hardly ever warm enough to swim. I don’t enjoy swimming when the water feels like ice so I was surprised when visiting over Australia Day. There was a couple of warmer days which allowed Dad, my brother and I to do a spot of boogie boarding while Mum read a book on the sand (It has to be 50 degrees before she swims). We spent more than an hour trying to catch waves, having a ball while doing it. The only downfall was the size of the waves, we got a couple of good ones in a row and then we had to wait for the next ones. I guess that’s all part of it.


The market in Port Fairy is the best I’ve seen in Victoria and the size of it is quite surprising for the size of the town. On the day we went (27th Jan) it was very busy and lots of stalls, probably due to Australia Day being the previous day. I had fresh orange juice, a spiral potato and did lots of looking at the craft stalls and mouth-watering ones as well. The Port Fairy market is a great morning activity and if the Vanilla Mozi stall is there, do yourself a favour and buy some, it’s a great repellent!

A couple of years ago, just before we were heading off on our annual trip, someone suggested a shop we should visit and as soon as ice cream was mentioned, we were happy to do so. Poco is the name of the artisan ice-cream and to call this delicious is an understatement. To try an explain how good this creamy dessert is would be difficult, let me just say if I could have any ice-cream in the world it’d be Poco’s. I believe they’re only opened during the summer months so I don’t think you’ve got long left this year but it is a must do. The shop itself is located inside an old house that is now white, with a patch of green grass out the front. Just check out the photos online and you’ll be drooling all over them!


Port Fairy is a great place to visit, whether you’re travelling along the Great Ocean Road or wanting a getaway. It’s probably best to go in the warmer months seeing the cold wind coming off the Bass Strait is not very pleasant when blowing from the South. I am already looking forward to next year’s trip, mainly for the ice-cream of course but also to be able to enjoy the town of Port Fairy.

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