What they’re not telling you

Emily Lewis is a 14-year-old teenager from regional Victoria who has a passion for animals. I wanted to share with you just how passionate she is so I offered her a post on my blog. She took up the offer and here we are, an opinion piece straight from the heart. It is a touching article that shines light on the dark side of the entertainment industry.

“I was kidnapped at 4 years old. That same day a group of men murdered another 5 members of my family. Their bodies were cut open, stuffed with chains and thrown out to the ocean like ragdolls. I was sold for 6,000 dollars and then put in a very small living space with another powerless victim. Customers see me every single day for their own enjoyment. When I refuse to entertain patrons, I’m starved. When I eat, my food is drugged. My name’s Lolita and I’m an orca.”

Lolita has been exploited for nearly 5 decades by aquariums, with their number one priority to make money. She was kidnapped and ever since that fateful day, Lolita has been starved and drugged along with another orca named Hugo. After 9 years, her roommate Hugo committed suicide by bashing his head against the walls of the tank.

Lolita Pool
PHOTO: Free Lolita the Orca! (Facebook)

Lolita is to this day still trapped in a pool and it seems things will stay that way. A federal appeals court in the U.S. turned down activist’s hopes of getting the Miami aquarium to release Lolita earlier this month.

Orcas (also known as Killer Whales) swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild but Lolita is in a chlorinated pool that is only 20 feet deep at its deepest point. She is covered in sun boils from the hot Florida sun and is painted in black zinc oxide to hide her wounds from the paying visitors. It’s time to retire her to the seaside sanctuary that she has long awaited for.

Supporting places like SeaWorld and zoos mean you support slavery. Nearly all of the animals you see at SeaWorld have been bought from poachers. Teach your children the right thing…never buy a ticket…stop paying for slavery. It’s wrong… no matter what species you are.

Do you know how elephants are trained to “join” the circus? At around 21 months old, baby elephants are dragged away from their mothers, who have to be restrained. In the wild, males stay with their mothers until they’re teenagers and female elephants stay with their mothers their entire lives but the circus life does not allow for this.


Circus elephants are kept in chains or cages 96 percent of the time according to The National Anti-Vivisection Society, who advocate for animals and better, more humane science. Trainers use bullhooks, ropes, and electric prods to train. They travel in boxcars for up to 100 hours straight on some occasions. Elephants are beaten for the slightest disobedience and they aren’t the only ones. Before you go to a circus, make sure they don’t have wild animals! Don’t support what they do.

At present, there are still over 60 elephants that are a part of circuses and travelling shows. Since 1992, 30 elephants have died including a two-year-old which passed away due to heatstroke while travelling through a desert.

If you wouldn’t let this happen to a puppy or kitten, how can you let these things happen too much larger animals? People only show what you want to see, they never show you what really happens.

If you would like to get in touch with Emily Lewis please contact me.


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