Facts of Foreign Followers

I was checking my blog stats during the week, reflecting on last year and the posts you liked best. At the moment I am in the process of working on a bit of a plan for my blog. Growing my content and following is a big goal for 2018. Something that gave me a big surprise when looking back at my statistics was where you all come from. I thought that I just had readers from mainly Australia, and a few from America and England. I couldn’t have been further off because as I found out, people from all different places read my posts. Today I share my favourite facts about the top 10 countries in which you, my readers reside. Just to be clear I did research these, they’re definitely not just common knowledge.


  1. Australia

The number one country my readers are from, not surprisingly is Australia. My favourite fact about my home country is one that I was very surprised to read. Gina Rinehart is the richest person in Australia due to her position as chairperson of Hancock Prospecting. That part wasn’t as interesting as what I read next, she earns $1 Million every 30 minutes! When you calculate that down, she earns $598 every second. You can’t really complain about that.

  1. The United States

The United States came in second and before I began looking at some facts I hoped Donald Trump wouldn’t arise anywhere. Luckily he didn’t and something much better did, pizza! Americans eat about 100 acres worth of pizza every year, that comes down to around 3 billion pizzas annually. No wonder considering there are over 60,000 pizzerias throughout the USA.

  1. Serbia

To be honest I was completely shocked when realising that Serbia was third, even before the United Kingdom. I find it really cool that you all come from totally different places. Anyway, I had no idea what to expect when it came to researching Serbia but I managed to find a favourite fact. I love berries and funny enough Serbia is the biggest export of raspberries. They produce over 30% of the world’s total raspberries.

  1. The United Kingdom

Long live the queen whose country came in fourth. I hope to one day visit the United Kingdom as I really do enjoy reading posts and watching YouTubers that live in the country, specifically England. I love fish and chips and I was excited to read that the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by a Jewish immigrant in 1860. I was a little shocked, I would have thought the USA might have held the title considering the fact on pizza.

  1. India

When I think of India I imagine the big white building called the Taj Mahal. Obviously, there is much more to the country than one building, including my favourite fact. India has the largest post network in the world with over a million post offices. They even have a floating post office in Dal Lake, Srinagar. I guess people must send a lot of letters in India while here in Australia our post network is slowly dying.


  1. Singapore

Singapore is next on the list and the fact that I found for this country was an interesting one. Singaporeans are the fastest pedestrians on the planet and are believed to walk 30% faster than they did in the early 1990’s, reported the Sydney Morning Herald. I thought people in Melbourne walked fairly fast so I can’t imagine what it must be like in Singapore.

  1. Canada

I loved Canada’s TV series The Next Step and that’s really how I became aware of the country. I have always had my suspicions about aliens, it really wouldn’t be too surprising if we discovered aliens considering how many planets are out there. It seems that Canada is well prepared for aliens to discover us, building a UFO landing pad in 1967. I have to assume it has experienced much traffic since it was constructed.

  1. Japan

Cars 2 was set in Japan I think, I remember laughing at the wasabi joke. Other than that I really don’t know much about it, well I didn’t. To all my older readers I suggest to head over to Japan, there must be something in the water. I say this because Japan recorded more than 65,000 people who are over 100. That is a remarkable statistic, I don’t even know anyone over 100. My great grandma only made it to 91 and I thought that was good.

  1. Philippines

The Philippines are second last on my list and I have absolutely no prior knowledge of this nation. Within the 103 Million population around 175 languages are spoken including four tribal languages. Its official languages are Filipino and English but with so many others, I am not sure how you would go learning all of them.

  1. Portugal

Then there was one, Portugal! If you enjoy a nice wine, you might know about Portugal’s relationship with corks. They produce 70% of the world’s corks that are exported all over the world, including the USA and the UK. In addition to this fact, they also are home to the world’s largest cork forest.

Well, there you go, 10 interesting facts about 10 different nations! I really enjoyed finding out a bit about all these countries. There were many more countries you all come from but it would take forever to go through every single one. Thank you to all my readers throughout 2017!

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