Reach for the Stars

Last week I performed in Victoria’s State School Spectacular (VSSS) which is the biggest annual production in Australia. I was involved in mass dance which also includes around 1,300 other students from around the state. Within the whole production, there are thousands of students involved both onstage and behind the scenes. During my time at Hisense Arena, waiting to go on stage, I did a lot of thinking and observing of things around me.

“Never let someone tell you-you can’t-do something because you’re too young, age is no barrier when it comes to achieving something.”

I’m sure everyone can think of one person you look up to, maybe even more than one. Is it a sports star, an actor, author or just someone doing great things in their chosen field of work? I have many people that I look up to, but do I look at them with jealousy, wishing I was as successful as they are? This is the question I was asking myself while waiting backstage during the VSSS as I watched the principal vocalists and dancers stand beside me. The principals are the main members of the show, the people who stand in the centre of the arena on a raised stage.


I came to the conclusion that you can’t look at someone who is doing well in their career or passion with jealousy. They have earned it, they have worked hard to become successful and get where they are. Things don’t happen if you just sit around and wait for them to, as we’ve all heard before, we have to make them happen and it’s not supposed to be easy. I have organised some helpful tips for those who have aspirations and for those who don’t. Remember jealousy is not the emotion to feel towards someone who is doing what you want to do one day.

I don’t have any aspirations, why should I?

Aspirations are so important to have because it’s kind of like an end goal, it gives you something to work towards. For example, one of my aspirations would be to become a professional journalist, which is something I can work towards step by step. A dream job is not the only thing that can be an aspiration but it is definitely a great starting point.

If you don’t think you have any aspirations, start making some, if you really like basketball and you see yourself with that career in the future, start working towards it. Aspiring to do something is a way you can work harder and is very important for not only your future but more importantly your mental health.


I have aspirations, what do I do now?

Work hard! To make a dream a reality you have to put your mind to it and be prepared to work hard. You will have no chance of reaching your vision unless you start taking steps towards it. Do some research on ways you can begin your journey. Is there programs or organisations in your local area? Don’t be afraid to contact people for help or connections because as the saying goes, “you won’t know unless you ask.”

One of the most important things I want to stress with this topic is it doesn’t matter how old you are. I am 14 and already working towards my aspirations. Never let someone tell you-you can’t-do something because you’re too young, age is no barrier when it comes to achieving something.

I hope I’ve shared a message in this post and I’m looking forward to hearing your responses, either in the comments, on social media or via email. I am also happy to answer any questions you have!

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