Winter Novelties

It’s the middle of winter here in Australia, for those who don’t know, and we have had some extraordinarily cold days. I don’t know many people who enjoy winter and no wonder. We spend a good part of the three months shivering all day and night. It is not quite what you would call enjoyable, but I have a few things that make it a little better, some winter novelties that I like doing and I’m sure some of you do too!

A cuppa – I love sitting down after a big day of school to have a cup of tea to warm me up. It’s one of my favourite things to do throughout the winter. I’m not into drinking all the fancy flavours, every single one I’ve tried I haven’t liked at all. English Breakfast is what I drink and in my opinion, it’s the best tea by far, highly recommend it if you are feeling cold or unwell!

A Cuppa

A good book – There’s nothing like sitting down to read a good book in the. I wrap myself in blankets and find somewhere really comfortable. I must be honest by saying I haven’t really read much lately because I’ve been extremely busy and tired. I am however, making it my mission to get back into reading over these school holidays because I love it when I get addicted to a book and can’t stop reading it!

A good book

A wood fire – I feel very lucky to have a wood fire during the winter because it makes the house warm and cosy. I love getting home after a long day of school and walking in the door to a wood heater, pumping out some heat. It also comes in very handy after being outside in the cold as I can go back inside and defrost in front of the heater. I do suggest being a little careful when standing in front of one though, once my cousins clothes started smoking!


A family movie –  A great activity that my family do (well at least my brother and I) during the cold months is watch movies. At the start of each week we usually have a look on our library’s website and put a couple of DVD’s on hold. I then pick them up each Friday, ready for a movie weekend. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day together and sometimes we even venture to the cinema and watch a new release.


I spend a big part of winter complaining about the cold, wishing I lived somewhere warmer… Queensland! Sadly I don’t and the cold is something that I have to put up with, but the list of things you’ve just read definitely make these three months of the year a bit better. Stay warm!

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