Aladdin The Musical – SPECTACULAR!

Disney’s production of Aladdin has arrived in Melbourne with sell out performances taking over the musical city. I went along a couple of weeks ago to see what all the fuss was about. Before seeing Aladdin, I had seen two other Disney shows, Mary Poppins and The Lion King. I loved both of them, especially The Lion King which left me speechless, so I had high expectations for Aladdin.

When arriving in Melbourne there was Aladdin promotion everywhere, on top of buildings, on trams and trains, even at tram stops. My Grandma (who came with me to the show) and I had a very nice lunch in China town, down the laneway next to the theatre before making our way to the foyer of Her Majesty’s Theatre. By the time we had arrived the foyer was already overflowing with audience members, including big school groups on excursions. We bought a program and stood in line.

Walking into the theatre was a great feeling as always, for me anyway. I love going and seeing musicals and this time was no different. There was no red curtain when walking into the auditorium, instead, the curtains suited the theme of the show, it looked a lot like the rugs used for magic carpets. The orchestra kicked in and a smile grew on my face, it was show time!


By interval I was hooked, I loved everything about the show and I couldn’t wait for the second act to start. I think the reason why I was loving it so much was the music and the big dance numbers, it made me want to join in.  The show ended with a bang and the curtains closed, but my mind began replaying my favourite parts…

  • The music score for Aladdin is just amazing, the songs slip in perfectly and they’re all so energetic. I definitely had a smile on my face whenever a song began, tapping my foot to the beat.
  • Whoever put together the sparkly costumes should be awarded a medal, they were the best costumes I’ve seen in a show. They looked like they were coated in pure gold and sparkled against the stage lights.
  • The sets in the show were out of this world, they flew in an out of the stage which seemed like magic. It added to the show so much… one minute the show was set in a town, then in a split second in a cave with endless amounts of gold. Oh and the most magical part of all… the flying carpet. I sat there in astonishment for a good five minutes while two actors flew around the stage on a drone!


  • My favourite character in the show would have to be the Genie and I send my congrats to the actor. We didn’t have the actual actor who played the Genie on Broadway (it must have been his day off) but the man who played him was brilliant. Everytime he’d come on stage the audience would be laughing.

The show can be summed up as simply “spectacular”. I loved every minute of the performance with its amazing effects, lights, sets, actors, costumes and music. If you are in Melbourne or tossing up whether to go and see it or not… just GO!
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