My Piratical Family

I have been unbelievably busy throughout the last couple of weeks so it’s nice to sit down and have a break while writing this. During the last two weekends, I have performed in my town production of ‘PIRATES!’ which has been lots of fun. It has meant I’ve been fairly busy, with rehearsals and shows running until midnight, leaving me very tired. I have managed to get through it, I didn’t even take a day off school. I did on the other hand not get a blog post up during the last two weeks but I am now back… until next year’s show of course!

This week I am sharing with you some of the things I have learnt while spending my time being a part of the ‘PIRATES!’ cast, trust me, I learnt a lot more than I thought I would.

Source: PIRATES! (Facebook)

The best thing I learnt during the five months was how amazing a group of people can be! I remember going to the information night for the show, nervous and not knowing what to expect. Looking around the room I saw so many different people from what I assumed would be all sorts of backgrounds. I then went through the audition process (Check out my ‘The PIRATE Call’ blog post for more on my audition experience), coming out the other side with a lead role. Rocking up at the first rehearsal was just as confronting as the information night.

Looking back now after reaching the end of this experience, I don’t know why I felt like this, no doubt it was just the feeling of a new environment. The 40 or so cast members have made me realise how fun life can be when you’re surrounded by people who have the same love for theatre. At school, I often feel like the odd one out, the weird boy who sings. This feeling faded once I got to know everyone in the cast, they made me feel at home. During one rehearsal I remember talking to a group of others around the same age as me, they had experienced the same and agreed that it is such a good thing to have a group of people who all have something in common.


‘PIRATES!’ is the first musical I’ve been in, apart from two small school productions. It was a whole new experience for me and I learnt so much about what goes on to put together a massive production with 40 cast and crew, a 17-piece band and many other people who provided little things to put the show together. Our director did an amazing job and we weren’t even aware of all his work, but his determination and work ethic definitely shone through in the show. The time that also goes into props, sets and costumes are also out of this world, the show wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without those involved. I can’t forget one of the biggest groups of people… all my fellow cast members! The whole cast worked so hard at their individual roles meaning everything came together. Even the young kids were so focused, the youngest was just eight years old!

Source: PIRATES! (Facebook)

The whole experience for me in one word is MAGICAL because that’s just what it was. Spending five months with everyone was great and I learnt something from each person. I encourage all readers to be part of an organisation, club or team surrounding your interests… you won’t regret it.

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