The World Attacked Again

On the morning of Tuesday, the 23rd of May at 8:30am my Mum, brother and I were driving out of our driveway, like every other morning. We had just jumped in the car after watching the Today Show as we often do. We dropped my brother at school, Mum and I continued on to the hospital as I had an appointment. We spoke to the receptionist who then asked us to take a seat in the waiting room. I had just sat down when I glanced at the TV in the corner of the room, Sunrise was on. My heart skipped a beat, was I seeing what I thought I was seeing? Ariana Grande’s name was in the same sentence as bomb, not what your normally see.


Mum and I sat there for the next five minutes as the news presenter read out the latest from Manchester. The death toll was unknown; all we knew was there had been an explosion during an Ariana Grande concert where around 21,000 people were enjoying one of the world’s biggest pop singers. I was in shock… the world had been attacked again but this time young adults and teenagers were the target!

Terrorism is one of the biggest current global issues. No one is safe anymore, you can be a potential target anywhere. Train stations, cafes, busy streets, airports and now concerts. Our safety is being put at risk because of senseless acts of terrorism. Security has never been higher around the world but that doesn’t seem to stop a handful of people slipping through, what else can we possibly do to stop these attacks from occurring?

Ariana's tweet

Watching the news in the days following the Manchester attack I was deeply saddened to see the faces of those who had died, some as young as eight. They had just finished enjoying themselves at what should’ve been a safe and enjoyable night. With his suicide detonation, the terrorist responsible has destroyed innocent families.

I would like to send my best wishes and love to all those affected by this horrific attack on the world, not just Manchester. We will continue to live our lives and stop terrorists from changing our way of life. Stay safe!

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