School is a big part of a young person’s life, attending school for 13 years, starting from when they are just five or six years old. It’s a second home for most students, spending at least six hours in the care of teachers each weekday. A lot of knowledge is learnt at school in all different subjects, counting in maths, writing in English, playing instruments in music, building things in technology and so many other skills, some not even in the classroom. But what happens after school, once year 12 or the equivalent is completed? What comes next?

Do Australian students have aspirations and are they striving to reach their potential? It seems young people across the country are completing school because they have to and not because they want to. Finishing school should be a major goal for every student in Australia as it is a step towards achieving other goals such as a dream job. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be the case for many with students complaining about school and wishing they didn’t have to attend. I often hear my peers complain about school with some saying, “I’m dropping out in year 10.” When I ask them why they would want to drop out in Year 10, the answer is usually “because I don’t like school or I don’t want to do VCE.” A lot of young people seem to lack the drive to work hard to achieve their dreams. We all have to DREAM BIG and work towards what we want to do in life no matter how hard the road may be to reach our destinations. It may be a challenge but we have to work hard at it! I believe some schools aren’t pushing the importance of making goals. Schools need to teach students that there will be difficulties when trying to reach their goals but that doesn’t mean they need to give up. 
Dreaming Big is a big part of my life so I have compiled a few suggestions for working towards your dream/goal.
-Work Hard
Working hard is the most important thing when trying to achieve your goals. If you want something badly enough you will work for it and put every bit of energy into it. Without hard work you don’t always reach your goal. It’s likely that achieving your goal will be harder than expected so WORK HARD!
If you want something, go for it! There is no use wanting something but not giving it a go. Don’t give up until you have achieved your goal because when you do there will be no better feeling.
You can’t just sit around and wait for achievement, plan how you’re going to achieve it, even if that requires you writing it down. Planning is a key step on the journey to making your dream a reality.
This is another important step in working towards a goal. Take every opportunity you get that will help you achieve your goal. Opportunities don’t pop up all the time so when one does, take it. Remember opportunities don’t always come to you, a lot of the time you have to look for them and make them happen. Have a google and see what you could be a part of or do.

These are the four main points I follow when working towards a goal. Next time you are working towards something use these points to help you. Remember school is also important when working towards your goals, you learn a lot from it that will help you along the way. Once you have finished school continue to follow your dream no matter how hard it might be, work hard, be determined, plan how you’ll achieve it, take every opportunity you’re given and…DREAM BIG!

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