Today is ANZAC day, an important day of the year in which we commemorate and remember those who have served our country. This day has always been quite special toIMG_2645 me as my Great-grandmother served in World War II. Other family members also served in both World Wars but I wasn’t lucky enough to know them.
My Great-grandmother died in 2014 after living a pretty healthy life, spanning 91 years. When she died it was definitely hard as I had never lost someone so close to me. In the years before her death, I spent a lot of time with her, especially on Saturdays. We would cook, knit and most importantly she would tell me story after story. I was very lucky to hear so many stories from all different eras, about all different topics.

When my Great-grandmother spoke about the War, I would listen intently because I knew the stories were very important to her and I enjoyed hearing them. Sadly, I can never hear those stories again. Ever since her death, ANZAC Day has been an important day that I always acknowledge.
Last Friday I was lucky enough to attend the Legacy Students ANZAC Day service at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. This was such a great experience and my Great-grandmother was on my mind the whole time. I even got to lay a wreath on behalf of my school which was very special.

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I hope everyone stops just for a minute today to remember those who have sacrificed their lives and served our country so we can be free today.

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