Respect Has Been Forgotten!

Do you really know what’s going on in our schools? That’s the question I would like you to think about as you read this post, with more to come on this topic…
Respect means that you understand the importance of others and how they are treated in an appropriate way. But for a lot of teenagers, even kids, this word means nothing to them. I know this because I can see it everywhere and I’m in the thick of it. This word has simply been forgotten in my generation and here are some of the horrifying truths.


  • Teachers lives have been made so much harder, it seems like their actual job has been lost. They’re not in our schools to teach anymore, but instead to control out of hand, disrespectful students. In 50 minute classes, at least half of that time can be spent not learning a single thing. Instead this time is spent trying to control students and this is happening on a regular basis. This means for those who are doing the right thing, (there is still plenty who are) their education is being taking from them by fellow students who couldn’t give two hoots about anyone else. Teachers shouldn’t try and be nice anymore, it’s time to get angry and put students in their places, otherwise the future is not looking too good. Disrespect for teachers should be an absolute no, no, but it’s definitely occurring at extreme levels with disrespect for replacement teachers even more gobsmacking… some tearing up as they yell across classrooms trying to gain control.
  • Students are also being targeted by disrespectful behaviour, some not coming to school as the result. Students think they can abuse their peers just for the fun of it or to become popular. Flirting now involves pinching, ramming into each other and terrible verbal rants. On many occasions girls go along with it, not standing up for their own self-respect. Boys can now apparently call girls sl*ts, b**ches, as well as many more disturbing names and then go out with them a couple of days or weeks later. What message is that sending? Judging and bulling students is also happening regularly for all sorts of stupid reason. Disrespectful students embarrass other students in front of entire classes, which is just horrible to watch. Calling someone fat and joking about donuts is not a nice thing, either is calling someone a “downy” because of their disability or “faggot” because of their sexuality.

It is hard to believe any of these things I’ve spoken about are actually happening because they’re so unsettling, but I can sadly assure you they are. Teachers have had enough; they are having trouble controlling classrooms because half of the class isn’t listening. The government, schools and parents need to stop overlooking this major issue before it goes too far and ruins other student’s education. BRING RESPECT BACK!

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