Easter Cupcakes

It is not long until Easter, so this week I decided I would do a little baking. I know it’s still four weeks away which for some people is a long time, but I just had to do something in regards to Easter. Before I get into the cooking I wanted to share with you what Easter is about. I had no idea why we celebrated it before I did a little research and uncovered the facts…

Easter is a day of celebration across the world as it is believed – especially by Christians – that Jesus rose from the dead. This is written in the New Testament of the Christian Bible which says that Mary went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried and found nothing in it. An angel told her that Jesus had risen.

I don’t really follow any religion so I am not trying to tell you that this is true. Everyone has different beliefs and ideas around Easter. I personally like Easter because of all the chocolates and spending time with my family.
After that information, it’s time to get down to business…


Yesterday I decided I would make some Easter Cupcakes in the spirit of Easter. I started looking on Pinterest for recipes, finally finding one and printing it off. Mum then suggested using a packet mix which sounded so much easier than fiddling around with IMG_2603fluffy egg whites. She came home from the supermarket with a White Wings Vanilla Cupcake mix. In the end it was a great decision with the finished result tasting amazing! I followed the instructions on the box, making the mixture, baking the cupcakes and glazing with the icing provided.

It was then time to turn them into Easter cupcakes. I did this by using both a combination of grated and shredded milk chocolate, to vary the thickness. I then sprinkled the chocolate mainly in the centre of the cupcakes, adding a Cadbury Mini Egg in the middle. Finally, I sprinkled about half a teaspoon of green crystal sprinkles on the top.
There you have it, my Easter cupcakes…DELICIOUS!
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