School Club Launch

The last few weeks have been pretty busy in my life as I have been part of something very exciting at my school. It has been a crazy couple of weeks as we prepared for the launch of a student news team. It has been my dream for a long time to start a student news team and I thought I would tell you a little bit about the road I and other students and teachers took to the launch.
It started last year when my year 7 class conducted a classroom news bulletin which was definitely a highlight of the year. What was even more exciting was the idea of making it a regular occurrence. After we had finished our bulletin last year myself and a few other students spoke with one of our teachers about the prospect of starting a permanent news team…  and now we have!
The last couple of weeks my school recesses, lunches and curriculum day have consisted of writing scripts, filming, editing and meeting with certain people ready for last Friday’s launch.

Jack Ward 3

Throughout this experience I have learned many new skills and I have brainstormed a few tips for those wanting to or starting a school club/group:
Organisation- Being organised definitely helps when starting a group/club at school. I have realised things can get very hectic with only limited time to get things done at recess and lunchtimes. Have clear meeting agendas and know how to use time wisely. Try not to get flustered and stressed but sometimes it happens, which is totally fine.
Determination – When starting a school group/club you have to be very determined to succeed. There is no use going at it half hearted, you need to be fully invested in your end goal. I believe if you’re determined, things will happen. This has definitely showed with the school news team at my school, we were determined to succeed in launching and we did. By keeping that kind of mindset the possibilities are endless.
Teamwork –  Teamwork can be challenging when starting a group/club. A key problem can be when a team has different views or ideas which courses conflict. Teamwork is very important when running a team smoothly, as it lets everyone’s creative minds flow. You can allow this to happen by standing back and letting you guard down. Everyone has different ideas so make sure you listen to everyone’s; this will extend you group/clubs success.
I hope that gives you a few tips from my experiences so far and I will definitely keep you all up to date with things I learn from this new project.

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