Starting High School

Walking into school last week was a great feeling for me because the school holidays seemed to be going on and on forever. There was one thing in particular I noticed, the year 7’s, which brought back so many memories of myself last year. This week I have decided to write about three things I wish I knew before starting high school which I hope helps a lot of you ease into year 7, a new school or even returning students.
Within the first few minutes at high school, I realised that it was going to be a lot different from primary school but within the first few days I knew why. There’s always going to be kids who push your buttons and in high school older students love to do this. Probably because they think they’re older and feel like they’re more important. I experienced this as well as my classmates but I have a suggestion for how to deal with it. No doubt you have heard your parents say this but they know what they’re talking about. Don’t retaliate, just ignore them! I had one particular kid bugging me in the first few terms and I completely ignored him and guess what happened, he stopped! It’s not going to be just older years, your own age as well. Use exactly the same tactic whenever they judge you, bully you and you’ll see the difference.
High school can get very frantic and disorganised if you’re not prepared, with up to six different classes a day. At the start of last year, I was a bit disorganised but I managed to get my act together during the year. I did, however, find two great organisational ideas at the start of the year which have already made this year better. Number one is manila folders which are so good for worksheets and extra papers. Have one for each subject and it makes school life easier. My second tip is to keep your locker clean. There is nothing worse than opening your locker and bits of paper and books falling out. It can cause embarrassment and increases the difficulty of finding the right books which can make you late for class.
I think the amount of respect in schools is decreasing and there needs to be change! Teachers are not enemies and students shouldn’t be rude and completely ignore them. Teachers should be treated with respect. I am not saying that you need to be the teacher’s pet but they’re trying to help you learn and achieve high marks, you need to do your part. Everyday there are students pulling teachers focus away from the subject being taught and on to student behaviour. This is decreasing the time spent on the topic and making the teacher’s job more difficult. So if you want to get good marks, respect the teacher and don’t encourage bad behaviour.
Well there are my three tips for everyone starting Year 7 or returning to school with a new attitude. I do apologies for not posting last week but in next week’s post you will find out why!-JACKTWARD- Twitter Instagram Bloglovin’

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