Top Summer Movies of 2017

As a young person, I know how boring 7 weeks of school holidays can be! The first few weeks are a breeze for me as I do all the things I want to do but then after that there’s nothing left. Well, I have a suggestion for all of you, the MOVIES! I have been to the movies multiple times over the holidays because there are so many great movies on. In this week’s post, I am going to do a little review on the three movies I have seen these holidays.


1. La La Land
La La Land, what a movie! I absolutely loved this movie and it’s definitely the number one movie of the holidays. From the opening scene, I was hooked with drivers jumping out of their cars into song and dance, it was exactly what I would do. The story line was about two main characters falling for each other as they become big in different aspects of the music world. The two main characters played by two fantastic actors, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as well as the larger cast were fabulous. 9/10

2. Sing
Sing is a close second for me which is the best family movie I have seen for years. It follows the journey of a koala saving his theatre with a huge cast of all kinds of animals. The movie is hilarious and I enjoyed it as much as my 9-year-old brother. It is definitely a must see! 8.5/10

3. Red Dog: True Blue
I was really disappointed with this movie, it lacked everything! The movie starts just after the first one was released but then the majority of the storyline skips back to before the last one. The movie seemed like it had been made for the sake of it or just because the first one did well. Its story line was boring, so boring that I nearly fell asleep! It was one of those movies you want to end as soon as it started and my younger brother and everyone I have spoken to agrees. It was very disappointing! 2/10

Well they were the movies I saw over the holidays and I would also like to recommend the movie Lion which just came out last Thursday. It’s based on a true story that was documented by 60 Minutes a while ago and looks like a great movie. I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t guarantee anything, but the reviews are looking good. I hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays and if you haven’t seen a movie, go see one!

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