Regional Victoria’s Picturesque Location

Late last year my parents decided that we would go on a little holiday over the New Year’s break, which I thought was a great idea. I did have one condition which was that we didn’t go until a few days after Christmas so we had time to use our Christmas presents.  This request was met and it was decided that we would go to Camperdown where we had never been before. The way Mum described it gave us the impression we were going to the middle of nowhere so we didn’t get our hopes up.
A couple of weeks later Christmas had just passed and we began packing for our trip. The caravan was cleaned, food shopping was done and we were off on a trip to what we thought was the middle of nowhere. After about an hour and a half of travelling, we started heading into the town of Camperdown and I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong, the town was not large by any means, but it was very picturesque. We drove up a large hill before arriving at the top where the caravan park was located. Once we had arrived my brother and I ditched our parents so we could go and have a look around. We made our way to the lookout which was where we could see at least 180 degrees out through huge volcanic creators, over hills into the distance, we could see for miles!


During the next few days we explored Camperdown and all its beauty. In the most convenient location was the Camperdown Botanic Gardens right next to the caravan park. It was full of some of the largest and oldest trees I have ever seen. The gardens were all very well kept with green grass throughout, which was perfect for our evening family cricket match.

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We also had to have a look at the sunset out over the huge volcanic lakes. Watching the sunset was a wonderful evening activity, especially with the weather being quite warm.


On the second day of our trip, we decided we should probably go into town and have a look around. A quick visit to the information centre was needed so we could gather our bearings and get a brief history lesson on Camperdown. We then paced up and down both sides of the main street, taking photos of old buildings that had been preserved and reused for different businesses, as well as some statues standing in the street and the unique style clock tower.

With lunch then upon us, we popped into The Loaf and Lounge, which as we found out was a very popular place. They have a huge range of delicious pastries, desserts, bread, salads and such a welcoming atmosphere. The Loaf and Lounge is definitely a stop off you need to make when visiting or travelling through Camperdown.

That was the end of our New Year’s trip. Camperdown was an awesome little country town that had some beautiful views and is a great spot for a little get away. I wouldn’t suggest planning on staying for any more than 4-5 days as there is limited things to do, but if you’re into fishing there are some huge lakes!

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