2016 – WHAT A YEAR!

2016, well it definitely was an interesting year full of ups and downs, good and bad times, laughing and crying but I got through it. This week I decided I would reflect on some of the good times in my life throughout 2016.

  • The number one best thing would have to be starting high school. Obviously, it had its ups and downs, it’s school after all but looking at it from a whole year perspective, it was awesome. I took part in so many opportunities including debating, public speaking, school play, leadership roles, the list goes on and on. Of course, I met so many great people, including teachers and made some great friends along the way and I can’t wait to continue my schooling experience.
  • Number two was completing my first ever ballet exam and passing with a distinction and trophy. Before the last term of school, I had never even dreamed of learning ballet but my dance teacher insisted for technique reasons, and I went along with it. At times it was very boring and a little slower than my usual jazz, but I achieved something I am very proud of and it shows that if you put your mind to something you can do anything!
  • Third also relates to school. A couple of weeks ago my school held their presentation night and I was lucky enough to win a number of awards and scholarships including year 7 dux. It was such a great night to see all my fellow peers receive awards which they deserved so much after a year of determination.


  • I really don’t know how I am putting these events in an order, as when I am getting further down the list I want to change it. Because I have to, fourth was an amazing opportunity which I hope to be a part of again this year, The Victorian State School Spectacular. Each year schools across my state participant in this mass production which involves months of regional dance rehearsals before heading to the states capital city, Melbourne, to perform with thousands of other like-minded students in a musical spectacular. It involves all aspects of performing arts from singing and dancing to roller-skating and acrobats, I highly recommend this opportunity.
  • Last of all is, of course, my blog which is what you are reading right now. Starting my blog was such an exciting thing because I just wanted to share my experiences, ideas and opinions with all of you, to maybe help you in some way. 2016 only included a handful of posts as I only launched my blog in November but I was proud of them and I really hope you are enjoying the read!

Well, that was a real challenge to nail down what I believe were the best bits of 2016 because it was such a great year. Even if it’s a little thing like your neighbour came over to wish you a happy birthday or something like that. Obviously, there are some terrible things going on in our world and personal lives but have a think, WHAT WERE THE BEST THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE IN 2016?!

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