Christmas Decorations 2016

Festivities are well underway in my household with only a week until Christmas. In the first few days of the month our house was decorated with an entire family effort and this week I thought I would write about some of our Christmas decorations, the efforts and traditions involved. I personally love looking at other people’s Christmas decorations to inspire me. It also makes me want to go out and spend some money!


I will start in the living room where we spend the most time as a family. This year we have placed the tree next to our wood heater which doesn’t burn over Christmas as it is summer time in Australia. We created a little scene which I think brightens up the room just a little bit more than usual. I’m not sure where the stockings on the fire and the little Santa under the tree are from as we have had them for years. I can tell you though, that the Santa sings Christmas carols in the unhappiest way. Our beautiful Christmas tree is from Balsam Hill, which was quite expensive but definitely worth it as the tree is very high quality and looks amazing. The lights on the tree are just normal coloured lights that you can get from pretty much anywhere at this time of year. Our Christmas decorations on the tree are either handmade by my late Great Grandmother or purchased from a small business and sorry I don’t have any links. Just have a look around and you can find some great Christmas tree decorations. The last thing in our little scene is the Merry Christmas sign that I bought from The Reject Shop for about two dollars!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext up is a little advent calendar hanging above our living room window. We suspend a nice bit of string from one side to the other and then tie little cards for each day. Each of these cute cards has a date on the front and an activity to take part in on the back. It is such a cool idea and looks great above the window.

Before I talk about my bedroom I wanted to mention a couple of other Christmas decorations that are around our house. The first one is the wreath on our front door which is one of the simplest but effective wreaths I have seen. Last year I even made my own by rounding a coat hanger into a circle, cutting out strips of fabric and tying it in knots around the hanger. Have a go! Mum and I also love candles and during December we burn Glasshouse’s Night Before Christmas which makes our house smell so festive. The last small decoration is a special magical key we have had for a long time that we place on the front door so Santa can get in without going down the chimney on Christmas Eve!

The final room of our house which is fitted with the most decorations is my bedroom. You are transported to the north pole as soon as you step foot inside and that makes m

e feel really happy at this time of year. The decorations may be just a little tacky but so what! I have tinsel running up the legs of my desk, lights on my bed head, tinsel and ornaments running along my window sill, a miniature Christmas tree with


decorations, a countdown sign and even little decorations on all the door handles. Now that I think about it I may have gone just a little overboard! The best thing about all of the decorations in my room is that they can all be purchased from Target and The Reject Shop for very low prices.

Well, that is a rundown of all my family’s decorations at this time of the year. Before I sign off for another week I want to say that the most important part of assembling the decorations is singing Christmas carols. If you don’t do that you’re missing out, it makes it much more exciting!

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