Did someone say CHRISTMAS BISCUITS?!

Christmas is approaching fast which is personally very exciting. I know a lot of people think that Christmas is overrated but I have to disagree. Who doesn’t love being happy, singing carols, spending time with family and especially cooking Christmas biscuits?
As soon as I see a magazine with a Christmas cover my eyes light up, and that’s exactly what I did when Mum arrived home with the Better Homes and Gardens magazine earlier last month. (For people who don’t live in Australia, Better Homes and Gardens is a lifestyle TV show which also releases a monthly magazine.)


I dived right into the magazine coming across a shortbread biscuit recipe which seemed quite good for me/amateurs. I spent the next Saturday morning in the kitchen cooking up a storm with the final result quite impressive.

I don’t do a lot of cooking but I do a little every now and then and this was quite easy. My younger brother even joined in helping out with mixing ingredients, etc. I am however really annoyed because I do not know where the recipe has gone and I cannot find it online. If you receive the Better Homes and Gardens magazine have a try.


All that was involved was making a shortbread biscuit dough, rolling it out, cutting out the cookies with cookie cutters, cooking and whipping up a simple icing recipe. Have a go, just search up a simple shortbread recipe.

They are simple and delicious!  (Sorry about the lack of content this week.)

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