Hi, I am Jack Ward and this is JACKTWARD! (my blog)
Welcome to a new exciting corner of the internet. As you get to know me I may seem a little different to every other Tom, Dick and Harry and I can 100% agree with this opinion. I don’t know many other people who like to write like I do at the age of 13, but it’s a bloody fun thing to do.

I have decided to express my ideas and share with you some of my opinions, thoughts, favourite things here on my blog.
My blog will be ME in a nutshell, all my thoughts and ideas. These days a lot of bloggers post about a certain topic/product for money and they don’t even like or support it. I believe this is absolute bullshit and not good enough to the people who read it.

I am not going to give a specific time when my blog posts will be released but my goal is to start trying to get a post out once a week. You can keep updated by subscribing to my emailing list on my homepage, follow me on Instagram, Bloglovin’, Pinterest or Twitter (links are below) or just check back from time to time.

I’m very excited for you to join me in this exciting adventure and please do get involved within the comments. There is just one thing that I do not want to see, negativity! If anyone is bullying or abusing others in the comments please do not get involved and contact me immediately through my contact page. Any abusive comments will not be tolerated and removed immediately. Please share your opinion in a positive way.

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– All photos and writing is mine unless specified. If you have any inquiries please contact me.

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